Academic Committee of The Center

Dr. Zheng Haihang(Vice president of Beijing University of Business and Commerce, Ph.D. supervisor of China social science institute, commission expert of appraisal committee of National social science fund prize, vice board chairman of Research association of Chinese enterprise management)
Dr. Xu Chuanchen(Professor and Ph.D. supervisor of the school of economics of Jilin university, director of the Center for China public sector economy research in Jilin university)
Dr. Chen Zhong(Vice director of Chinese enterprises union, researcher, vice dean of Expert committee of enterprise study of national economic and commercial)
Dr. Song Donglin(Vice president of the School of economics of Jilin university, professor, Ph.D. supervisor, a member of Planning group of national philosophy social science applied economic discipline and disciplinary appraisal group)
Dr. He Zili(Vice president of the School of economic of Nankai university, professor, Ph.D. supervisor, a member of Education Ministry guiding committee of economics education)
Dr. Zhang Chengyao(Researcher of China social science institute industry department, Ph.D. supervisor)
Dr. Li Junjiang(Vice president of the School of economics of Jilin university, professor, Ph.D. supervisor, a member of Operating and deciding committee of National Capital in Jilin Province Government)
Dr. Xu Erming(President of college of the business school of Renmin university of China, professor, Ph.D. supervisor, vice board chairman of Education Ministry research association of state-owned enterprise management)
Dr. Xiao Chen(Chairman of the department of international economics in Beijing university, professor, Ph.D. supervisor, former adviser of International Bank)

Organization of The Center
Advisor of the Center: Zhang Weida
Leaders of the Center: Xu Chuanchen(director)?Ren Junsheng(vice-director)
Administration organization:
Bureaux: Li Zhongyi(director of Bureaux )?Cheng Lixia(vice-director of Bureaux)
Library: Zhong Bin(network information librarian)
Subordinate department:
Research lab of Strategic adjustment of state-owned economy:
Ji Yushan(director), Zheng haihang, Pan Shi, Wu Yuhui, Du Li, Sun Shaoyan, Zou Guoqing
Research lab of state-owned enterprises in northeast region:
Xu Chuanchen(director), Song Donglin, Xie Di, Mao Jian, Zheng Guiting, Ma Yanchun, Han Bing
Research lab of foreign state-owned enterprises:
Junjiang(director), Li Xiao, Xiang Weixing, Zhao Fang, Tian Zhongjing, Yang Jie
Research lab of management consultation:
Ren Junsheng(director), Cai Li, Jin Chengxiao, Zhang Zongxin, Li Zheng, Nian Zhiyuan

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